Your Trusted Bulk Canola Oil Supplier in Canada

Whether you run a bustling restaurant, a food manufacturing business, or a catering company, choosing the right supplier is crucial for your culinary creations. Join us as we explore the unparalleled benefits of partnering with a trusted bulk canola oil supplier in Canada.

The Power of Quality - Why Choose a Bulk Canola Oil Supplier in Canada?

The quality of your ingredients matters. As a food professional, you understand the importance of using premium products that deliver consistent results. Partnering with a reliable bulk canola oil supplier in Canada ensures you receive a product that meets the highest industry standards. We source the finest non-GMO and organic canola seeds, grown in Canadian farms under strict organic practices. The seeds are carefully processed to extract pure canola oil that retains its natural nutrients, rich flavour, and a light texture.

Embracing Versatility with Our Specialty Products

With bulk canola oil at your disposal, the possibilities for creativity are boundless. Its mild and neutral flavour profile makes it the perfect canvas for both savoury and sweet dishes. Canola oil seamlessly enhances the natural flavours of your ingredients without overpowering them. Its high smoke point makes it a top choice for high-heat cooking methods, allowing you to achieve that perfect sear or crispiness every time. As a bulk canola oil supplier in Canada, we take pride in helping you take your dishes and products to new heights.


Choosing the right bulk canola oil supplier in Canada is a key decision that will undoubtedly affect your business for years to come. From delivering uncompromising quality to unleashing culinary versatility and embracing sustainability, Distributions Katrina is here to empower your business and elevate your creations. Take the leap and discover the difference a trusted supplier can make. Embrace excellence with our premium canola oil, organic canola oil, and non-GMO canola oil, along with other oils to suit your needs.

Remember to choose a bulk canola oil supplier in Canada that shares your values, understands your needs, and provides unwavering support. Reach out to us today to learn more about Distributions Katrina and the right options for your business.

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